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Letter to the Editor

To our elected officials, city and county. I know you all want us to recycle but then would you address whoever is in charge of the craters on the road to the recycling cen­ter. They have gone beyond potholes. This is not a recent problem as these craters have been there from at least last fall and getting deeper and larger every month. It’s a shame­ful statement about our city to have a street like this.

Thank you for any fixing to this street. I am all for recycling but I am not driving on this street to get to the recycling building.

Lu Cotton
Two Harbors


Aren’t words fun? We use them to describe things, make people laugh, talk of love, try to deceive, sell things and change meanings. We can use them to soften the blow or intim­idate. How do you use words?

Do we always fully understand what the meaning is behind a word or maybe what word would correctly describe the situation? Sometimes we really need to listen to what is being said with our entire listening skills such as eye movement, hand gestures, and re­actions. I sometimes wonder if part of our communication problem is with phones we don’t get the whole picture so we tend to as­sume. An example is when I type ok, I used to type it as OK. My daughter’s friend asked me why I was yelling at him. I asked why and he thought the caps meant I was yelling. I wasn’t and when we clarified I changed my thinking and he felt better about it.

During this season of life in politics, we need to listen carefully. We should ask questions, seek truthful answers and listen to how an issue is being presented. If I told you I was a newcomer, would you think that I was some­one who just moved here, a college student, a seasonal tourist or a citizen? What does that sound like to you? To me I would think the best of what that person is doing. I would think they belong here. The definition from Merriam Webster is a noun, one recently ar­rived, beginner or rookie. This term is cur­rently being used to describe people who have come across our boarder illegally. Is it a correct term? Yes, but it ’s not the whole truth as it leaves out someone who has bro­ken the law. They could be great and in need or could be a fugitive or looking to do harm. However, you were not given the whole pic­ture. How does that picture make you feel? Would you feel uneasy to know that you were not given the whole truth or would you be okay with that word being used?

When talking to people, if their words don’t seem correct then ask them to clarify. If you don’t understand the word, they used to ask for the definition of it or look it up. Don’t get offended or be ignorant get the whole picture of the words being used.

Did you know?
Republican Precinct Committee

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