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Let’s Plant Trees Offers Free Native Tree Seedlings for Spring 2024!

Let’s Plant Trees, the non-profit founded by Lut­sen residents Carrie and Mike Nicklow, is delighted to an­nounce the availability of free native tree seedlings for Spring 2024. This milestone follows the successful establishment last year of Let’s Plant Trees as a 501(c)(3) non-profit orga­nization, with a mission cen­tered on reforestation along the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota.

Inspired by a joint commit­ment to environmental stew­ardship, Carrie and Mike initi­ated a tree-planting effort last year, sharing free tree seedlings with residents in Cook and Lake Counties along the North Shore. The positive response inspired the creation of Let’s Plant Trees, aiming to make a broader range of tree seedlings accessible to homeowners and property owners for their own planting projects, and to spread the word about the importance of reforestation.

Let’s Plant Trees recognizes the pivotal role of tree plant­ing in addressing pest issues such as spruce budworm, im­pacts from disturbances such as wildfires, and climate change. Trees offer a natural climate solution by absorbing and stor­ing carbon dioxide and releas­ing oxygen. With a mature tree capable of absorbing about 48 pounds of carbon dioxide annu­ally, the impact is significant! In their mission to promote tree planting, Let’s Plant Trees also provides guidance on species selection and comprehensive planting instructions, and they can also organize volunteers for larger planting projects.

The free tree seedlings avail­able for spring planting include the following native species: white pine, jack pine, bur oak, red oak, and sugar maple. These species have been selected for their suitability along the North Shore, and their adaptability to a changing climate. All seed­lings are sourced from Minne­sota nurseries. A mix of species is recommended for planting projects to ensure a resilient forest capable of withstanding various environmental chal­lenges. Seedlings are expected to arrive in late April or early May and will be distributed as soon as they arrive.

Let’s Plant Trees invites in­dividuals and organizations to participate in this impactful ini­tiative! By acquiring and plant­ing these free tree seedlings, you can contribute to essential reforestation work, fostering a healthier environment for future generations. For those interested in receiving seed­lings or volunteering to help with planting projects, please reach out via email at Info@LetsPlantTrees.org.

Visit their website at http://www.letsplanttrees.org/.

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