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Habitat for Humanity Helps Homeowners

Western Lake Superior Habitat for Humanity recently completed a project in Silver Bay as part of their Age in Place program. The Age in Place program is designed to allow elderly residents to remain in their homes “longer and safer,” says programs director Darren Schmitt.

Habitat for Humanity says that, “Aging in place extends longevity and quality of life, and safe and stable housing and community networks are core to these outcomes. Surveys of homeowners that partner with us show they’re mentally and physically healthier, feel safer at home, and engage with their family and friends more.”

The Silver Bay project involved a crumbling concrete deck where “the stairs and railings were becoming unsafe due to the effects of our lovely winters on the concrete,” says Schmitt. After removing the concrete, it was revealed that the concrete had formed a poor seal with the home, allowing water to seep into the framing and rot the baseplate along the wall. This rotting permitted water and air into the basement.

Habitat for Humanity repaired the damaged wall, a task that involved leveling the foundation in that area. They also built a treated wood deck in place of the concrete one. Scenic Construction of Two Harbors aided the volunteers from Habitat for Humanity, and the team finished the project in four days.

In Two Harbors, Habitat for Humanity has two projects in process that are slated to be finished the week of September 12th. A crew from Stanley LaBounty is helping with these projects.

The first project involves replacing a set of stairs for a homeowner who finds them too narrow to navigate safely in winter. The second project involves installing railings on the front and back stairs and repairing the sidewalk so that the homeowner can access their home more safely.

Thank you, Habitat for Humanity, for helping local elderly homeowners be able to Age in Place. For more information or to become involved with Habitat for Humanity, visit their website at https:/ /www.habitat.org/.

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