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Dr. Steph Vos Practicing Chiropractic Body Work in Grand Marais

Dr. Steph Vos set up her chiropractic office last October in a space rented from North Shore Health. Since May 2022, she has had a mobile practice that has taken her to some of the remotest points in Cook County. Now, she has a professional facility to see patients.

“This location is centrally located and physically accessi­ble,” Dr. Vos said. She expressed gratitude for finding a suitable space to rent in a tight real estate market. Dr. Vos clarifies that she is only a tenant and un­affiliated with the hos­pital.

Dr. Vos is what Cook County locals refer to as “A Hedstrom.” Her family connec­tion to this area meant that summer vacations and holidays were for visiting Grand Marais from the Twin Cities. “I’m an aspiring lo­cal,” she said.

After college and graduate school, Dr. Vos pursued a career in publishing. While suc­cessful in that field, she also became a practicing Yoga ther­apist. On her website, https://www.drsteph­vos.com/, she writes,” I am also a certified yoga therapist (iayt.org) and was one of the first 150 people in the world to earn that certification when I received it in 2014.”

Through yoga, Dr. Vos realized that she liked working one-on-one with people. Then, she felt a tug that led her to pursue a chiropractic practice. “It was like a quiet nudge, a stage whisper telling me to get chiro­practic training,” she said. “And then there were all kinds of won­derful synchronicities that led me to here.”

Dr. Vos graduat­ed from Northwest­ern Health Sciences University in Bloom­ington Summa Cum Laude at the beginning of 2022. She moved a mobile tiny home to Grand Marais in May of that year and began her practice.

She offers chiroprac­tic care, acupuncture, pelvic floor rehabilita­tion, energy work, cra­niosacral therapy, and other wellness-orient­ed services.

Chiropractic practi­tioners often have rel­atively different styles. Dr. Vos favors more of a bodywork mas­sage to create align­ment. She’s available by appointment only, but same-day appoint­ments are possible.

“I’ve never met a body where I say, ‘I have nothing to do here,’” she said. “I see people of all sizes and ages.”

Dr. Vos said, “Too often, people put off getting care for too long.” She compares chiropractic care with keeping a tidy house. If you let things go in a home for too long, you may need a significant deep cleaning or repair that could have been avoided. Ideally, she likes to see patients at least monthly to main­tain wellness.

Dr. Vos views her practice as part of the care team for patients. When necessary, she refers patients to other specialists.

“Grand Marais is pretty great,” Dr. Vos said. “People know and like chiropractic care.”

If you’re consid­ering ways to create well-being, Dr. Vos would like to help you.

“I love what I do,” she said. “I’d tell peo­ple to keep an open mind—chiropractic care is safe and health­ful.

Appointments with Dr. Vos may be sched­uled on her website, drstephvos.com.

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