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Always Remember; You Get What You Pay For

Silver Bay City Council Meeting, Oct. 3, 2022

In a fast paced meeting on Monday night, the Silver Bay City Council, in an effort to make sure that public money is being well spent, made a number of decisions regarding several ongoing projects to preserve and upgrade the city’s infrastructure.

The Council approved an amended version of the contract that the city has entered into with Magney Construction for the water treatment project. The cost of the project has needed some upward adjustments, bringing the total financial cost to the city to around $4,570.000. These adjustments were unforeseen but are the result of two change orders to cover equipment and expenses so that the treatment project can be completed in a manner that will be satisfactory to both the City Council and the citizens of Silver Bay.

The old boilers at the Mary MacDonald Center are in such disrepair that they can’t be used until they receive some much needed maintenance. The City Council was informed of the condition of the boilers at Monday night’s meeting. In addition to the fact that the boilers did not pass inspection, it was reported that asbestos abatement will need to be done before they can be turned on. The cost of new natural gas boilers would top $100,000. The Council voted to make the needed repairs at a much lower cost than the cost of new boilers.

The City Attorney was on hand at Monday night’s meeting and advised the Council to seek a more cost effective bid for the proposed Penn Avenue Housing Project. The Council unanimously voted to accept this recommendation. Apparently, the existing bid lacked detail that the attorney and the Council would like to see included before moving forward.

Finally, the Silver Bay Fire Department is planning to host a community event on October 13th at the Fire Hall. This event will feature activities for all age groups. See their ad on page 2 for details. The next City Council meeting is scheduled for October 17th at 7:00 PM.

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