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Two Harbors Native Eric Fransen Co-Founder of Charlotte Start-up DEVYN: AI Venture Building Autonomous Agents for Sales & Marketing

Charlotte, NC – Nestled in the vibrant heart of North Carolina’s tech ecosystem, a start-up is developing software that is powering Autonomous Agents for Sales & Marketing. DEVYN, an innovative AI sales and marketing assistant is spearheaded by co-founders Devyn Green and Eric Fransen.

The inception of DEVYN is a testament to the community and expertise that define Charlotte’s startup ecosystem. Devyn Green, armed with a track record of generating millions of dollars of sales through his marketing strategies, brings to DEVYN a deep understanding of the nuances of digital marketing and AI. His vision for the platform is clear: to democratize access to sophisticated sales and marketing strategies, enabling businesses of all sizes to unlock their growth potential with unprecedented ease and efficiency. “DEVYN is not just a tool; it’s your marketing team powered by AI,” said Devyn Green, CEO of DEVYN. “We’ve developed a solution that not only understands your business needs but also actively works to meet those needs by building and launching marketing campaigns with a single click.”

Complementing Green’s marketing acumen, Eric Fransen’s operational and marketing insights and extensive network within the Charlotte startup scene have been instrumental in shaping DEVYN’s strategic direction. His previous experience as an advisor for Innovate Charlotte and his ability to foster meaningful connections within the tech community have helped put them in front of angel investors and venture funds. “Our vision was to create an AI assistant that not only performs tasks but also becomes an integral part of a business’s growth strategy,” said Eric Fransen, COO. “DEVYN embodies that vision, offering a seamless, efficient way to scale marketing efforts without the need for extensive resources.”

It was during Innovate Charlotte that Eric’s path crossed with Tim Griffin, a fellow entrepreneur with aspirations of joining the prestigious ranks of Y Combinator. Recognizing the potential in Tim’s vision, Eric facilitated a crucial connection between Tim and Scott Dylla, an old college baseball teammate at UMD. Dylla, a co-founder of Stemcentrx, the $10.2 billion Silicon Valley firm that was acquired by AbbVie.

Dylla became a key figure in Griffin’s entrepreneurial journey, illustrating the profound impact that strategic networking and community support can have on start-up ventures.

Tim Griffin’s venture, Cloosiv, not only achieved a successful exit but also marked his first foray into Y Combinator, setting the stage for his subsequent venture, Craftworks, which once again garnered the accelerator’s support.

DEVYN carries with it not just the ambition to automate sales and marketing tasks but also to fundamentally reshape business strategies through the power of AI. Green and Fransen are seeking to raise $1,000,000 in pre-seed funding through a standard YC Post-Money SAFE, valuing the company at a $10,000,000 cap. The fundraising is bolstered by endorsements from Y Combinator alumni, signaling strong support within the broader startup community and affirming DEVYN’s potential to make a significant impact on building Autonomous Agents for Sales & Marketing.

Building on its foundational strengths and compelling vision for the future, DEVYN has applied for Y Combinator in San Francisco, aiming to join the ranks of innovative startups in the YC Summer 24 batch. This ambitious move is driven by the belief that participating in Y Combinator will not only catalyze DEVYN’s growth but also provide unparalleled access to mentorship, resources, and a network of like-minded entrepreneurs. Co-founders Green and Fransen are optimistic about the prospects of spending the summer immersed in the intensive, collaborative environment that YC is known for. Their participation in YC Summer 24 would mark a pivotal chapter in DEVYN’s journey, potentially accelerating their mission to redefine the interface between AI and business growth and firmly establishing their presence in the global tech community.

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