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Senator Hauschild Proud of Historic Session for Lake County

Hauschild’s Focus on EMS Crisis, Community Infrastructure, and Schools Highlight Deliverables

[Hermantown, Minnesota] – The 2024 Legislative Session will be remembered as a major success for Lake County says Senator Grant Hauschild (DFL-Hermantown), who worked to deliver major bud­get and policy wins bringing mil­lions of dollars in public works projects, community development and investments for local infra­structure and schools that will cre­ate jobs and ensure communities throughout the region can thrive.

“This year’s legislative session was a major success for Lake County, with millions of dollars secured for area needs and critical policy re­forms that will grow our economy and help our communities thrive,” said Sen. Grant Hauschild. “As your senator, I’m laser focused on delivering tangible results, and I’m proud to say that we accomplished that and more this year.”

Sen. Hauschild secured funding for the following local needs:

  • Silver Bay: $6,000,000 for road infrastructure water, and sewer.
  • Two Harbors: $250,000 for band stand repairs and Odegard Park and Trail restoration.
  • Lake Superior School Dis­trict: $250,000 to support an Emergency Medical Technician Training Program.
  • Crystal Bay Township: $100,000 for a septic project at the Clair Nelson Community Center.
  • Save Our Ship in Knife River: $200,000 for shelter con­struction.

EMS Reform and Aid Package:

One of Sen. Hauschild’s top pri­orities for the 2024 session was help for Minnesota’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in rural communities. This culminated in the passage of an EMS Reform and Aid package that delivers $30 mil­lion in new funding for EMS and critical changes to how EMS oper­ates in the state. This package will deliver $314,334.37 in aid to Lake County Ambulance Service. Sen. Hauschild also secured $250,000 from Lake County Ambulance Ser­vice to establish a training program for Cook County and Lake Coun­ty high school students interested in pursuing careers as emergency medical technicians.

“The challenges facing Minneso­ta’s EMS are life or death for people living in rural communities, and we needed to take immediate ac­tion this year to address this crisis,” said Sen. Hauschild. “This package delivers aid that can help right now, and these policy changes will help stabilize EMS in the short-and-long term.”

Helium Framework:

Senator Hauschild also worked to establish the first ever framework for helium exploration, essential to allowing local Lake County com­munities and schools to capture the benefits from the recent helium deposit discovered in Lake County. The provision championed by Sen­ator Hauschild would establish ex­pedited rule-making by the Depart­ment of Natural Resources, set a moratorium on commercialization of Helium until that framework can be established while allowing discovery drilling to continue, and determine a royalty and pooling agreement for local communities to benefit from the discovery.

“Given the recent discovery of Helium in the region, we set to work immediately to establish a framework within state law to both protect local interests and the en­vironment, while also ensuring an expeditious effort to commercial­ize Helium in Lake County,” said Sen. Hauschild. “With our success at the legislature this year, we know that the Helium discovery in Lake County can continue with the ben­efits coming to our local communi­ties.”

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