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Local Small Farms Launch Farm Trail

Duluth Township, Minn. – A group of 11 lo­cally-owned, small farms located between Du­luth and Two Harbors will launch the “Clover Valley Farm Trail” on May 28. The trail, mod­eled after Bayfield, Wisconsin’s, “Fruit Loop”, provides farmers the opportunity to sell items commonly found at farmers mar­kets directly from their farms. Fresh produce, plant seedlings, baked goods, crafts, and other items will be sold from self-serve farm stands.

Justin Osadjan, the event co-founder and a participant, expressed optimism about the trail, “This should be a win-win for farmers, con­sumers, and our community. The trail provides a new format for farmers to sell the items they produce on their farms. It provides local con­sumers farm fresh and homemade items. Plus, it stimulates our local economy, which is great for our community.”

Event organizers have described the trail as a place, “where a farmers market meets a Sunday drive.” Participating farms are located in or near a historic farm community named Clover Valley. The area is known for its fertile soil and a gently rolling landscape with Lake Superior as a backdrop.

The Clover Valley Farm Trail is open Sun­days from noon to 5 p.m., May 28 through Oc­tober. Some farms have additional hours and activities, which can be found on their farm websites. More information about the trail and a map can be found at clovervalleyfarmtrail.com.  

Printed information can be found at local tourist information hubs.

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