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Hugo’s Bar Annual Vintage Snowmobile Ride Pivots: The Show Will Go On!

Many local snow­mobile enthusiasts have been watching the weather in dis­may so far this season. Snow-related events around the area have been postponed, re­scheduled, re-resched­uled, and canceled throughout the winter. Those hoping to attend Hugo’s Annual Vin­tage Snowmobile Ride have been eyeing the forecast for February 3rd, this year’s event date.

“Usually, we’re wor­ried about too cold weather,” said Jessi­ca Larson, who owns Hugo’s along with her husband Jesse Wille­mark. This year, it’s on the opposite end of the spectrum causing the issue.

No one would blame Hugo’s for postponing the get-together. How­ever, posted on Hugo’s Bar Facebook page in all caps it says, “THE SHOW WILL GO ON!”

Not wanting to can­cel the event, Hugo’s made the decision to pivot. Instead of the traditional Vintage Snowmobile Ride, the event will now be a Vintage Snowmobile SHOW.

“All it’s about is get­ting people out during the winter and having a good time together,” said Jessica.

Though missing out on the ride is disap­pointing, there is still plenty of fun to be had during the event. It’s the perfect opportuni­ty to show off sleds to other sled lovers and talk specs around a bonfire. According to Jessica, some attend­ees go the extra mile by donning matching outfits for their vintage sleds.

In previous years, Hugo’s has sponsored the event and started to collaborate with the Pequaywan Area Trail­blazer’s Club and the Pequaywan Inn. After registering at Hugo’s, participants (some po­tential new Trailblaz­ers) would ride to see the snowmobile club and share a meal. The Pequaywan Inn offered drink tickets, making for a nice loop for the snowmobilers.

“We sponsor it, but we want to help the area, the club, and the Pequaywan Inn. If we can all get involved in it, that’s awesome,” expressed Jessica. “It helps us all out.”

This year, the bar will offer free drawings for prizes, drink specials, and food, with pulled pork, chips, and cook­ies on the menu.

As I write this, the forecast looks to be unseasonably warm for February 3rd when the event will begin at noon, but we’ve seen wacky weather work in weird ways before. Let’s hope for snow, but if it doesn’t come, remember: “THE SHOW WILL GO ON!”

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