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Culver’s® Adding Two New Flavors of Fresh Frozen Custard This Summer

Lemon Berry Layer Cake and Dark Chocolate PB Crunch add fruity, chocolatey flair to Flavor of the Day lineup

PRAIRIE DU SAC, Wis.—June 8, 2023— With summer underway and guests in search of new and exciting flavors of Fresh Frozen Custard, Culver’s is once again adding to its ever-growing Flavor of the Day lineup. This year, two new flavors will make their debut: Lemon Berry Layer Cake and Dark Choco­late PB Crunch.

With contrasting fruity and decadent fla­vor profiles, each of the two new varieties promises to offer something unique. After an extensive period of recipe development and testing, Culver’s is excited to officially un­veil them to guests in its 26 states.

Lemon Berry Layer Cake will debut on June 10, when it will be featured at all Cul­ver’s locations nationwide. Dark Chocolate PB Crunch will follow shortly thereafter, ar­riving on July 10. The flavors will each be available at all of Culver’s 900-plus restau­rants on the day of their debut and will there­after be rotated in each restaurant’s unique Flavor of the Day calendars.

Below are descriptions of the ingredients that make up each exciting new flavor:

June 10: Lemon Berry Layer Cake: Cul­ver’s signature Creamy Vanilla Fresh Frozen Custard layered with mixed berries, a ribbon of tart and tangy lemon and butter cake piec­es.

July 10: Dark Chocolate PB Crunch: Dark Chocolate Fresh Frozen Custard, Butterfin­ger® pieces and a ribbon of gooey peanut butter.

“We can’t wait for our guests to try our two new flavors of Fresh Frozen Custard this summer,” said Quinn Adkins, Culver’s di­rector of menu development. “Between the tangy, summery Lemon Berry Layer Cake and the rich, gooey and crispy Dark Choco­late PB Crunch, there’s a little something for every custard lover in these two flavors.”

Each of Culver’s 900+ restaurants offers its own Flavor of the Day calendar. To find the Flavor of the Day calendar at a Culver’s near you, visit https://www.culvers.com/flavor-of-the-day.

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