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A Super Saturday Educational Conference for Parents and Caregivers

NAMI Addressing Children’s Grief and Mental Health

The past few years have brought unprecedented challenges for chil­dren and youth, leaving many grap­pling with significant loss and the subsequent impact on their mental health. Parents and caregivers, in turn, often find themselves uncertain about how to assist their children and may experience a sense of iso­lation. However, parents and care­givers should not be navigating this path alone.

NAMI Minnesota (the National Al­liance on Mental Illness) announces its upcoming Super Saturday Edu­cational Conference for Parents and Caregivers, which will take place in person and online on February 10. This transformative event, aimed at addressing the significant impact of grief on children’s mental health, promises a day of insightful discus­sions, expert-led sessions, and valu­able community connections.

In collaboration with several part­ners, NAMI Minnesota has curated a dynamic agenda featuring expert speakers, breakout sessions, and engaging activities to explore cre­ative ways to process sorrow and loss. Topics include understanding children’s grief, recognizing and responding to first episode psycho­sis, supporting students with special education needs, community ap­proaches to suicide prevention, and crisis planning and trauma.

“This Super Saturday Educational Conference is a unique opportunity to come together and explore the challenges faced by children and youth living with a mental illness or dealing with grief,” explains Sue Abderholden, executive director of NAMI Minnesota. “Every year, we hold this event because it is greatly appreciated in the community, but given the mental health crisis that our children and young people are experiencing, now more than ever, parents and caregivers must make an effort to attend.”

Register today at namimn.org to attend the conference online or in person, network with peers through the NAMI Minnesota Parent Sup­port Program, and access valuable resources from community partners. For those who attend in person, the conference is at BlackHawk Middle School, 1540 Deerwood Drive, Ea­gan, MN 55122, on Saturday, Febru­ary 10, 2024, from 8:30 to 3:00 PM. A continental breakfast and a lunch buffet will be provided.

Participant Testimonials from Pre­vious Events:

“I just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing event. It was won­derful to see everyone, and it made me appreciate even more the hard work that NAMI does in educating the public about mental illness.”

“The presenter was knowledge­able, passionate, and dynamic – it was great!”

This Super Saturday event is made possible thanks to the generous sup­port of the Dakota County Children’s Mental Health Collaborative. To fur­ther inquire about how you or your orga­nization can be part of this event, please contact parenteducation@namimn.org  or (651) 645-2948. NAMI Minnesota is a non-prof­it organization working to improve the lives of children and adults with mental illnesses and their families through its education, support, and advocacy programs.

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